Friday, December 24, 2010

SNSD & ZE:A rank second on Oricon’s daily chart.

SNSD and ZE:A have entered the top two at the same time on Japan’s Oricon daily chart.
According to the statistics released on December 22nd, SNSD’s “Hoot” sold 21,271 copies and ranked in at second place on the daily album chart. Taking into consideration that the album features only Korean tracks, the accomplishment communicates their level of popularity in Japan.
ZE:A’s Japanese single album, “Love Letter / My Only Wish,” also sold 4,499 copies and ranked in at second on the daily single chart for December 21st.
Representatives of Star Empire said, “We’re so thankful, it’s an honor to have ‘Love Letter / My Only Wish’ achieve such great results. It was an album released to wrap up the group’s promotions in Japan before they head back to Korea for their comeback in February. We’re highly anticipating another great result for the group’s February comeback album, as it will feature a lot of ZE:A’s hidden talents and charms. Please give us your love.

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