Friday, December 24, 2010

Tiffany makes her comeback through Japan’s “Mezamashi TV Live”!

After having to pull out of SNSD’s “Hoot” promotions last month due to a knee injury, member Tiffany is finally back with her girls!
Tiffany made her comeback appearance through the December 23rd episode of “Mezamashi TV Live“. Joining the girls on the station’s rooftop, she delivered a strong performance of “Gee” and demonstrated that she’s back in tip-top shape.
After the performance, the group went down for a short interview session with the program’s hosts.
Having heard of her injury, the hosts asked after Tiffany’s health. She replied in Japanese, “I’m ok now. Because of the strong support from everyone, I was able to return quickly. Thank you very much! While I was taking a break, I was studying Japanese and singing. It was also a good time to review myself. I will work cheerfully now, so please continue to support us!
We’re glad to see Tiffany doing well. Check out the performances and interview segments down below!

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